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With over 80 years of combined industry experience, Industrial Drying Solutions provides custom-engineered solutions to deliver precise environmental conditions for optimal plant growth. Humidity control is deceptively complex and is the primary climate control aspect for high-performance growth. It is more than mold control; it influences plants’ transpiration rates.

Whether you’re growing produce, plants, or other horticultural products, dehumidification, heating, or cooling may be needed at certain times during the growth process. Whether you’re a small facility or a large greenhouse operation, a climate control solution can be installed for short or long periods to help deliver the ideal climate from seed to harvest.

Our best climate control equipment ensures high-yielding, consistent and healthy plants. Scale your operation cost-effectively. Let us engineer your climate control equipment to work for and grow with you.

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We pride ourselves on our safety record and attention to detail. We are always mindful of our equipment’s overall footprint. Whether your needs are emergency-related or scheduled, our industry experts strive to assist each customer on every job, no matter how unique the situation.

IDS offers temperature control equipment designed for the industrial market. This modern fleet includes heaters, chillers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and cooling in both skid-mounted and trailer-mounted configurations. We also carry a complete line of temperature control accessories to provide turnkey solutions for your next project.

When you need an experienced partner for your industrial climate control needs, IDS will provide you with the right equipment to help carry the load. Get in touch today.