Case Study: Construction

Improve Drywall & Concrete Drying Times During Construction

Construction Dehumidifier Rentals In Washington

Winters in the Pacific Northwest yield cold and damp construction conditions. With 40-degree temperatures and 60% relative humidity, a construction contractor anticipated delays on a 42-story commercial high-rise tower. The main concern was drying times for the drywall and concrete within an aggressive completion schedule. With an HVAC system that was not operational, and the material man lift down, the contractor knew a temporary solution would be necessary to meet their interior finish goals and contacted our team of experts to get the job done.

Two pipes through a wall

Our team designed and implemented a construction drying system to accomplish the appropriate temperature and humidity levels to complete drying within the accelerated schedule. The combination of desiccant dehumidifiers and electric heaters created dry, hot air. The blowers took the conditioned air through a poly ducting distribution system that created even and consistent drying conditions throughout the 600,000 ft³ floor print. This system produced uniform, 11-hour dry times, allowing the project to meet its scheduled interior finish goals. I.D.S. provides quality Dehumidifier Rentals in Washington.



Produce uniform, 11-hour drying times.

Created Construction Drying System with Desiccant Dehumidifiers, Electric Heaters, and Blowers.

We created ideal conditions during fine millwork and hardwood flooring installations. It accelerated the drying process of gypsum and cementitious fireproofing materials.


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