Case Study: Cold Storage

Moisture Control for Food Manufacturing

Commercial Dehumidifier Rentals In Virginia

Moisture issues don’t always require extreme measures like upgrading your entire HVAC system. If your problem is temporary and fluctuates with the seasons, a temporary resource can be more efficient and cost effective. Seasonal moisture issues affected a national food manufacturer by causing delays from continuous shutdowns. With efficiency and cost savings in mind, they contacted our team for a solution.

A rental unit attached to a building


After assessing the customer’s issues and project specifications, our team of experts delivered and installed temporary dehumidification to the facility to get the moisture under control and keep the lines moving. Our temporary solution solved the facility’s humidity concerns in a few hours and at a fraction of the cost of upgrading to a permanent system. The dehumidified air was delivered half with outside air and half with recirculated air, all processed through food-grade filtration.

A big rental unit



IDS prides itself on unparalleled customer service, expertise, and up-to-date technology. Its sole focus is solving humidity, heating, cooling, power, and moisture-related challenges for the private and public sectors. We provide quality Dehumidifier Rentals in Virginia.