Case Study: Construction

Stadium Construction Temperature Control

Construction Dehumidifier Rentals In Texas

Construction projects taking place during the hot and humid summer are always at risk of delays. Moisture and climate-related issues began threatening the timeline of a new 40,000-seat field house at a prominent Southern University. The project was experiencing delays due to a failed HVAC system and no proper airflow or moisture control necessary to dry mortar and drywall compounds properly. Our team of experts was needed to help control their humidity issues and reduce delays.

A rental unit

Through a combination of temporary rental desiccant dehumidifiers and blowers, we stabilized the climate of the interior of the building, including the concessions area and restrooms. Using 15,000 cfm each of desiccant dehumidifier units and booster blowers, our team provided interior conditions that helped decrease dry times and keep the project on track. The rental dehumidifiers and blowers remained on site for five weeks until the interior finish work was complete. I.D.S. provides quality Dehumidifier Rentals in Texas.

An IDS unit
Two IDS units



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