Case Study: Climate Control

Moisture Control For Hockey Rinks

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Ice arenas can be challenging to maintain consistent moisture and humidity levels that will keep a large area of ice frozen. Common issues for these facilities include fogging, condensation, and humidity. These issues peak in the late spring/early summer months or any time warm ambient conditions are present. In addition to a changing climate, old or undersized HVAC equipment that cannot keep up with the rising climate can cause problems. Add sold-out capacity crowds and find your facility in less than favourable conditions.

Climate control unit inside a building


Our team has implemented a dehumidification system for several ice arenas that has proven to remove excess moisture and humidity. This, in turn, helps the existing HVAC system operate more efficiently. By lessening the load on the system, dehumidification helps improve its performance. These lower moisture levels help the system keep the arena and the ice cold and dry. I.D.S. provides quality Dehumidifier Rentals in New York.


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