Dehumidification Vs. Heat: Which is Best for Your Project?

Desiccant dehumidification and heaters are popular methods for drying or managing moisture levels at construction sites or during surface preparation projects. When projects face various levels of moisture and humidity-related issues, renting construction site heaters and dehumidifiers can keep your project on track. But which works best for your application?


Heaters are designed to raise and safely control the temperature in your space. Increasing the temperature can lower humidity levels, but it does not actually remove the moisture in the air or reduce vapor pressure, which is essential for moisture management.

Industrial heater rentals are best used for:

  • Heating a building
  • Curing concrete
  • Coating processes
  • Supplementing heat during maintenance or outages

Industrial Dehumidification

Desiccant dehumidifiers are used to manage moisture levels and create dry air on-site. Industrial dehumidifier rentals are built to endure construction project environments and have the capacity to dry large spaces. This equipment removes moisture from the air, maintains the desired levels, and distributes air evenly throughout the space via ducting.

These units are best used for advanced dehumidification and drying of very large areas.


Combining a dehumidifier and a heater can achieve dew point depression while maintaining the surface or ambient temperatures needed to complete a project. Together, these units create a perfect balance of heat and dry air.

A combination of these drying methods is best for projects with high humidity, such as coating projects or emergencies causing high moisture, like a pipe breaking in a building and cold conditions are present.

Our Solutions

There are different ways to create the ideal moisture and temperature levels for your project, and our team of experts can engineer and size the appropriate equipment based on your specific needs. IDS provides full turnkey service and 24/7 response to field service needs. Browse our full line of industrial-sized dehumidifier and heater rentals or contact us to solve your moisture-related issues.