Can You Maintain Conditions in a Manufacturing, Food Processing or Cold Storage Facility with a Rental Dehumidifier?

Are you considering upgrading your HVAC system but debating on the capital expenditure?  Is the process of configuring a system upgrade too long of a process right now? You may be needing the equipment and climate managed now, not in months or longer, yes? Perhaps you look at your manufacturing or food processing facility and doubt whether you can have a temporary system help you achieve the same results that a permanent system could. Many people are surprised to learn that, yes, you can have nearly the same conditions from a rental system. Those conditions can also be delivered in days with temperature or humidity delivered to the specifications you need.  Whether you require large industrial dehumidification, commercial grade cooling or chillers, they can be paired with your system or as a complete temporary replacement. IDS is the company to help you configure the system and have it delivered to your facility.


As stated already, sometime the process of configuring a new HVAC system and waiting for the equipment to be manufactured, delivered, installed and operational can take months.  Before that even happens, the budget discussions and approval process can add more time to an already lengthy process. Meanwhile, unfortunately, the operations, maintenance or quality control teams see daily the effects of an old system or an HVAC system struggling to maintain conditions.  Rather than waiting for purchasing approval or waiting for the new system while conditions persist, a rental system is your immediate solution.  Here are some of the benefits:

  • Equipment delivery within days, in most cases
  • Cooling or dehumidifiers can meet the tonnage or CFM required
  • Processed air entering through temporary or permanent ducting
  • Avoid capital purchases and high dollar expenses with fractional rental costs
  • No maintenance or equipment upkeep (we handle upkeep)

Rental equipment, such as dehumidifiers and air conditioning can be an affordable alternative, especially when the situation is critical in a food processing plant or manufacturing facility.  With a temporary system you have options to size up or down based on the conditions or needs, as well as remove the equipment on a seasonal basis.  The cost savings versus a newly installed system is considerable and, in many instances, preferred, especially if capital is tight. 


In addition to meeting conditions and having flexibility on sizes, the service component is a major advantage.  If there are issues with equipment or routine maintenance is required, IDS will handle the upkeep, which keeps you free of the concern – and costs – of managing the equipment on rent. As an equipment provider who handles emergency service, our team is available 24/7 and will respond to equipment needs whenever it happens, helping to maintain the conditions that you want and need to keep your facility operating at peak performance.


A dehumidifier or air conditioning rental can positively impact operations in many ways.  As the old adage goes, “time is money.”  If you are experiencing issues now that impact day-to-day operations, maintaining conditions ASAP is key, since you’re probably losing money every day that conditions remain unstable. Rental equipment is delivered quickly (IDS operates that way, at least) and can have the conditions under control quickly, regaining a profitable operational schedule. If you are currently experiencing moisture or temperature related delays, IDS may be able to have that addressed tomorrow.  In other words, if your production is currently impacted by a climate issue, that means your bottom line is impacted and we can help get you back to producing and profitable again, quickly. 


Even if you need a dehumidifier or AC unit for a week or two, you can have a single piece delivered or a complete temporary climate control package (this could include temporary power and a full cooling and dehumidification system).  IDS is often approached when someone’s permanent fails or is under repair and they need equipment for a short while.  You can’t simply close down operations for two-three weeks waiting on repairs.


During the coldest days of winter, the hottest months or the typical time of year when humidity is worst, rather than face a massive expenditure for a system upgrade that is used seasonally, many manufacturers or production centers turn to a temporary, seasonal rental to address moisture or climate issues for a few months a year.  In many instances, our customers will have their mechanical contractor install a permanent ducting connection to the building and our dehumidifier or cooling units will be connected each year during these peak months and then sealed for the remainder of the year.  Despite some companies’ ability to upgrade their permanent system, they choose to take the temporary, rental route for many of the reasons already addressed, convenience and cost savings on a capital expenditure chief among them.


If materials, production or sales are reduced or completely stopped because of a HVAC related issue, clearly a rental solution is worth it in order to generate income. Providing the ability for a business to interrupt is the ultimate savings in this instance.  When conditions prevent a food, manufacturing or pharmaceutical facility from producing products, there is a rental solution to keep your business operating and generating revenue.


Whatever situation your facility may face regarding climate controls, turn to IDS to assess and offer a potential temporary solution. If icing or condensation is developing, machinery is jamming from clumping or your materials are becoming damaged from moisture or temperature, we have helped others and we can improve your situation.  As you’ve read, a range of equipment options exists, from cooling, heating, dehumidification and chillers.  These rental pieces can often replicate your permanent system and provide the conditions needed to keep your business operating.  If you have a need or would like to know more, contact IDS today.