Case Study: University Construction

Industrial Air Conditioner Rentals for Climate Control During University Construction in Massachusetts

Massachusetts – As the final stages of construction approached for a new administration and student services building at a Northeastern college, climate control emerged as a necessity. 

Given the projected completion goals the college sought, the construction contractor looked for a solution that could meet the deadline and enhance the quality of the installation of flooring, woodwork, and other final products. Understanding that humidity control and temperature management were crucial to preventing delays and ensuring high-quality work, I.D.S. was contracted to deliver the necessary conditions.

Having previously collaborated with I.D.S., the construction contractor was well acquainted with I.D.S.’s proficiency in scoping and sizing projects, comprehending necessary conditions, and considering various factors such as maintaining access, minimizing interference at the job site, and assessing power requirements and associated costs for such equipment.

Following a job site assessment, one large industrial air conditioner was recommended instead of smaller units. This choice would eliminate the need for regular monitoring, multiple power cables and sources, and frequent adjustments as flooring and other products were installed.

The chosen rental unit was a 30-ton Air Conditioner equipped with dehumidification, addressing the contractor’s initial concerns. This single unit was connected to a power source and supplied cool, dry air into the building through temporary ducting. The ducting ran throughout the building and was flexible and hung from the ceiling, eliminating concerns about equipment obstructing floors or causing interference.  

During the 6-week rental period, temperature and humidity concerns dissipated entirely. As a result, the contractor successfully completed the project on time without any climate-related delays.


  • 1 x Rental 30-ton Air Conditioner with dehumidification capability
  • Delivery and placement of unit
  • Ductwork and temporary ducting installation